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Helping exceptional high school students build exceptional extracurricular profiles for college applications & resumes


Ideate X Member Benefits


Here's how we help you take full advantage of the most valuable extracurricular opportunities within your reach.


We'll show your transcript, resume, and other information to hundreds of established companies in your area, guaranteeing you a high quality, personalized internship offer.

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is one of the best possible first steps into a career field for high school students. We'll use our corporate network connect you with up to 3 successful job shadowing opportunities per year.


 Not sure about your college major or desired career? Our 30-60 minute webinars contain in-depth information from highly successful experts in business, computer science, finance, & more!


This one's a work in progress, but we're currently in the process of partnering with professors and PhD students to enable our members to assist with high-level research under professional mentorship.

Our Benefits

Ideate X memberships provide a range of benefits to both our members and partnered businesses through powerful learning experiences for exceptional high school students taking their first steps into the professional world.


Advantages for

Both free & paid internships available

Free 3-5 day job shadowing before internship

Official cv/resume reference + citation letter

Can be used on college application essays

Connections with industry professionals 

Personalized responsibilities and time commitment

Established companies backed by investor capital

Shows future employers that you have had past work experience (powerful competitive advantage)

Advantages for

Commission-free access to skilled interns who can help get things done

Boost to company growth & development 

Simple, straightforward intern evaluation reports sent to partnered companies before job shadowing and internships 

Potential for future employment of the intern once they become more accomplished 


Our Applicant Evaluation Process

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Click here to see how we judge the quality of our applicants

 to make sure that we accept only the most dedicated, passionate, and responsible individuals for our membership, 100% of the time!


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