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High-quality internships for high school students made accessible through a clean and simple application.

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Ideate X's Pathway to Success


Revolutionizing internships through a simpler, shorter evaluation process and an emphasis on mindset and dedication.



Browse our catalog of internships to find which ones interest you most, then apply for as many as you want via their 3-5 minute application forms.


After you apply, our team will review your applications and report your scores to each company, and you will be connected with all companies that approve you for their internships.


Congratulations! You are now ready to pick an internship that you were accepted to and participate in a top-tier learning experience that will help you in a variety of ways!


After completing your internship, we will ask both your employer and you for feedback so that we can keep improving our process and optimize our internships  for future users and businesses.

Our Benefits

Ideate X's internships provide a range of benefits to both the teens and the businesses through an authentic learning experience for high school students taking their first steps into the professional world.

Advantages for Teens

  • Demonstrates numerous skills that colleges value 

  • A comprehensive learning experience to help with a future career

  • Valuable connections made with industry professionals for future projects

  • Interview-only evaluation and resume-optional for a faster and simpler application process

  • Helps with job applications by showing work experience and dedication

  • Intensive intern training program to effectively prepare committed interns for our most demanding and impressive positions 

Advantages for Businesses

  •   Easy access to skilled interns

  • Great way to boost growth and development

  • Connections for future employment, partnership, etc.

  • Simple, straightforward evaluation process handled completely by the Ideate X team

  • Detailed report on each applicant for maximum reliability when choosing interns 

  • Interns trained by industry professionals through our developmental bootcamp  

Our Applicant Evaluation Process

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Click here to see how we judge the quality of our interns to make sure that we find dedicated, passionate, and responsible teens for our companies, 100% of the time!

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